Sunday, April 27, 2008

HIYA! A FINISHED watercolor snitches!

here is another completed watercolor- this is the mini-tank concept I was working on for the comic and threw in the characters from my old mini-watercolors, cause I haven't really developed the characters for the comic just yet.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yaaaar- some more concept sketches of the new comic

Here is the intial inking. I grabbed this perspective from a Katsuhiro Otomo book (guy did Akira). He's got some really neat shots of space-stations and this particular angle is good because it lets me give volume to the tank, while also making sure that the angle is about eye-level.

I deepend the lines- and you can tell the difference. The drawing just jumps- this is because the thicker lines can be sued to indicate overlap- and what order the pieces fall into place in the room.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Before this first image I had put in an hour or so sketching ideas for what the satellite would look like. Dan (the writer) had envisioned a satellite that launches these sensor balls that detect minerals and other elements...

As is typical I start (from looking at a loose sketch for ideas/compositional thumbnails, I start with light-blue. I use a mechanical pencil. because every step after this I start to lose detail- so the more information the better.

You'll notice that the satellite is the only element that has ink on this- this is for depth using atmospheric effect. Things farther away appear dim and adjust to the local air . I did the shadows before the clouds (leaving the clouds white corresponding to their shadows on the planet) but I should've done the reverse, as I struggled to define the clouds based on shadows and not vise versa.

Well I king of go through all the colors. Starting with earthy tones for shadow, and keep building and building and building. Thats all there is too it. You have to build the piece up and up and stop when u get tired. then come back to it. Just jump in and not be afraid to ruin it (when it is looking good). I would rather learn from 10 bad drawings than only have attempted 1 perfect one.

Monday, April 07, 2008


So my friend, Dan Doggett and I are working on a graphic novel and while he works on the story I am concepting some shots from the planet. I will need to concept a lot fo things, and get my workload cranking- but this one is a good example of point A to point B.

I start with some sketching in the coffee shop. At this stage I have the anti-gravity cylinder as a base-idea. From here I think of how someone would make a vehicle- and I kind of come up with the idea of a segway-like correcting anti-gravity drive. So it will counterbalance the driver. and it goes from motorcycles to more a boat style cruiser.

Here you can see a compositional study using the vehicle in context, I was trying to depict it shooting across the sand. (kind of tatooine like.. but ah well no ideas are truly original)

Here is the ink work. Underneath was a light-blue mechanical pencil drawing. I try to determine what pieces are in front of what. That way i dont make my pen marks across surfaces that are supposed to be in front. I found blue pencil lead, and I used the .5mm (although I skecth with the .9mm)

Here I am building values, and trying to figure out the sky and sand. At this point the drawings is too value-neutral and I need to match those comic-ink blacks...

wala. I added some post-painting white ink (with a brush.... so it techinicaly is painting) for highlights and to bring out a few of the shapes a little better. Lookin good so far... NEXT

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


real quic update