Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sketch for page 5

Drawing started on Page 5 of the comic, here are the blues, about 3 hours of work (with the sketches too). Should really set this up as a grandiose stage- which is what I definitely wanted to project (its a very barren planet afterall).I has the idea of the giant ship hulls skorched on the planet surface before I fell asleep one night- so I woke my ass out of bed and drew up 5 drawings real quick= and sure enough I used em- goes to show...

Cartoon continues... should have a decent update on that on Monday... (i have a day off EUREEEKA!)

Sunday, February 08, 2009


YAY- I finished this one up with about 2 more hours of concentrated painting. Chrome is always fun to mimic- as it replicates every color around it- creating a great visual effect.

I love clouds (as you can tell) I just wish they had a bit more depth- but I might be able to add that later digitally. All of these will eventually be scanned with a really nice scanner and such- but for now- WALA.

Work on the cartoon progresses as well- but this was a hellacious week at work- Hopefully I can get a bit more done next week. sheesh. we work to live not vise versa darnit! (tell tat to my bosses)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Coloring Page 5

I hope to AT LEAST do 1 page a week- yeesh. My job is busy at this moment in time- not that that is a good excuse. I feel a bit more energized about the comic so I should be able to surpass 1 page a week pretty soon- but as it is now diligence is vital.

panel by panel, page by page.

its amazing that we humans create and work because we really have no other option- not to survive, but more so we work so surviving is worth it. My life without the struggle of art would be significantly less meaningful. But it would be a bit less challenging ;-)

if you're an artist and you're reading this- I'm with ya- it ain't easy- but lest keep at it!