Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Am now in Boulder, CO

And the move was horrendous... and My new job takes a lot of my freetime- but it is cool and I am still keeping as busy as ever with art. I have been trying to finish that big watercolor and I am trying to find my style more and more everyday... for now though I am keeping this drawing going and practicing an anatomy book by Burne Hogarth in preparation for all the cool figures im gonna be drawing for the upcoming comic.

but for now here are the process shots of the piece developing...

Monday, May 12, 2008

frames finished.

HEEEEB. Whaddya all think. It is either this or all-black wood frames. Honestly though i am not sure which one works better- whereas the plain-black frame accents the paitnitng the mechanical latex frames r just more fun. So I say screw it and go with the cooler one.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Schneebin it

Well i started work on another large-scale watercolor piece. This one came from a random sketch in the coffee shop. It is going to be complicated and mechanical...

At this stage I try and get as much information about the general shapes and details. With a drawing of this nature there is one all-encompassing factor- perspective. I utilize the two points of perspective as best I can and draw based on those. I also add vertical lines to keep focus on maintaining verticality.

Here I have started the inking process- this typically starts as smooth a lines as possible, and trying tobe sure and do the foreground objects before adding lines behind... creating depth. I will do a second pass to thicken and highlight specific lines.

Work continues on trying to finish the first frame. I have to paint... let dry... paint and let dry... the entire process is essentially letting things dry. from plaster- to latex- to foam- o latex again to paint and finally to highlights... I will post pictures of the finished work as soon as it gets done- SCHNERT. I am interested in the reception these things will get..

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Have you gone insane?!

What is it? you might ask, well it is a picture frame.

Why is it white? Because I haven't painted them yet silly.

Why are there only three sides? Because the fourth side is currently drying in the mold.

These are a new invention of mine to try and come up with another solution to the framing problem. I have lots of frames, and am making them slowly but surely. Frame-making is not fun, by any means, but it is necessary to present my art in a professional setting. These frames, however, are unique. I have never seen anything like them before, and that makes me think that they are a great idea. Once they are painted and hung on a wall you will see what I'm saying, but for the time being take my word for it- and know that I am busy trying to make them cool.