Sunday, February 25, 2007


I start with a Large Canvas. I have done a few preparatory skecthes, ut this drawing is really from winging it. The paper is very compressed hard, glossy stock. So when I skecth on it with a mechanical pencil the lines barely show. So I can do many passes until I get it just right.

Then I start to determine sources of light- and direction, and what gets dark and what doesnt (not everything that should be dark, is. I try and find a balance between realism and drama.

And then i fill in some more

and some more

AND SOME MORE. I went through about 8 markers, at about 2$ apiece. Lotsa ink. werd.

These things are taking a lot of effort to finish, but I am really enjoying the final products.

I am contacting printers in Fort Collins Colorado to see if I can have prints made of these first 3, and perhaps I can get them up on my site for cheap.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I am working on a nother of these massive ink drawings. They really take significant time- but I think that it is well worth it. The first two hve come out just phenomenal and I am already excited to see how this one pops out. woot. They are pretty damn big too. I will prolly end up selling these for something like 100$ apiece if someone is interested. Once the series is all done- I will put em into the store on Justin Coombs I am thinking of simplifying my homepage even further. word.

The other is a samnple illustration for my brothers great new project called Dingo- its a shuttle service for Fort Collins and it is starting to take off. Really exciting stuff.

Thanks for the comments Brian- schneeb to the heeb YO.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Friends Visited me In Tokyo

It was nuts.

I will be getting back to art this week. I read a paragraph in Metropolitan of Donovan Frankenthaler. Basically he is a musician and professional surfer. Hes Jack Johnson's buddy too. Anyways, he is asked how he balances his life between the two big endeavors. Donovan said a real artist has to take some time off from one or the other. This isn't a setback- this is a time to get a refreshed perspective on why you do it. A break is required- and I couldn't agree more.

With that said- I wanna hit the ground running. I will have a pretty sick ass pen and ink drawing coming up- should be cool.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

one hour a day for 8 days...

This is prolly the best axample of what 8 hours can do if I put my mind into it. Sometimes I will spend 3 or 4 hours on a piece, but this one really looks like 8 hours of work. If I charged 10$ an hour I should sell this thing for 80$... somehow that just doesnt seem right to me. Ugh. Selling art is a challenge.

I have some paintintgs up at Days Cafe here in Japan and I think I have them for way to much. So, If you scroll below you will see 5 of the 7. I am lowering the price as of today to 125$ apiece. If you are interested send me a message to

I will put them into my store on justincoombsart when I get a chance.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Still in Action

Well a lot more of the same going on here in Satte Japan. That is a good thing because the same consists of sketching a good amount, and going out partying in Tokyo. I included a random picture, this one has me doing a g pose- but turned out to be more of a zombie face.

There is a sketch, a didgital illustration for a Graphic Novel and finally a preliminary for a pen and ink im doing. hmmm

the pen and ink is part of what I am hoping, hoping, hoping will be a sick series of sci-fi stuff. I would be interested in putting it in Ben's Cafe here in Tokyo- it is a goal I will have to meet before I leave. Time is of the essence, but so is everything. I am reading a lot of good books too.

in other news Joesph Biden announced he is running (hes smart... not as cool as Obama tho). Al Franken from Air America Radio Fame is running for senator of Minnesota- just awesome. seriously awesome. He could very well make cspan fun. he is no slouch and god if he wins it will inject some badly needed rebellion and transparency into our government.

**** it wont let me upload the photos, i will try later.