Sunday, December 23, 2007


so here is that room wish the lighting effects added- its really amazing the difference (if you scroll down to the previous post you can see the change) I also included a shot of what the room would look like in 'red alert' mode.

I also included a shot of a show I did with some other peoples work in Italy- I got a lot of good reception, especially considering I was the center dish-washer, and my art was leaps better than almost anyone elses- it sounds ego-centric, but they weren't very serious about working on their fine-arts.


I hope everyone has a great holidays- im gonna simply not draw for a week, or worry about it. It is a healthy thing. SO when the new year comes expect a sick-ass large-large format watercolor piece and hopefully this year will be a breakout year.

DERF see you all.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

finished another watercolor- getting ready for gttin back to the USA

Well here is another in-progress shot of the watercolor I finished today. The methodology behind the coloring was to unify the coloring a bit- I felt the last one was a little too seperated. One way of going about this is to use a unified under-painting. It should be a somewhat neutral tone (to dull it down... altho a bright under-painting could have an interesting effect... but then again this tonal work is meant to be shadow... so a bright color may not bring about the desired shadows/instead it would simply saturate the darker areas). The unified shadow does three htings... it unifies the overcoat of colors, it defines the source of light- which is important to defining a realistic/interesting space... although dramaticizing this space should also be a focus, and finally it creates otherwise challenging-to-mix colors. The interesting aspect of watercolors is that a red on top of a yellow, is different than a yellow and red mixed- one of the interests of watercolor-style painting.

here is the final piece.

this is another shot-in-progress of the VGA room I am currently designing for a concept space game Jordan and I are considering undertaking... while I know a game is a random idea to try- we have always had an interest in doing something of this nature... and technology seems to appreciate retro more than ever before- so we will see how far it goes.