Sunday, September 30, 2007


so this is page 1 of a new short story im doing... werd

Friday, September 28, 2007

My Computer and art are alive today.

well I am trying to come up with whatever biger body of work it is that I should be producing for graduate school the trick is to have a cohesive, yet open tangible idea. Something thought out- and professional- but still having the spark that students tend to lose. novelty with avant garde professionalism is the ideal graduate portfolio (this can be faked...and often is by a shit-load of people... I'm looking at you graphic designers...wink)

anyways, here is a shot of the first image that i did while here in Italy. It is fun stuff, and was kind of a very experimental piece, in that I wasn't sure what the characters should be, or should be doing, or why I even have him in the image. You have to put pencil and ink to paper eventually though, and so this was created in the spirit that I should just get something completed. It has a great effect in-person and the scale lends well to it.

SO, in addition I got my computer finally up again (the radio-shack surge protector burnt out my power-supply) and so I can finally show you all my studio.

I think that over the months that I was working on I kind of found myself reminiscing about the days of old art-for-fun. It seems that we often become branded by our teachers or cohorts and this makes you follow a specific function- but I would more like to reset back to the days of old- and make art for arts sake- this mainly means that I wanna retract those parts of my work that are following some outside influence- and try and find the source of why I really started doing all this.

I ramble... but it is for my own purposes to define what I have been spending these days in Castiglion Fiorentino doing. I am nebulous but I think I can find a central element to run with.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Italy... ugh

While life here has definitely improved (I am working significantly less than I was the first two weeks), my laptop's power adaptor has burnt out. I believe it was the piece of shit radio-schack voltage converter that I had it going through- but regardless my mac is down, and so I have not had the ability to update this blog until i can get my camera working with this PC... which is in Italian so it isn't easy. Anyways, Wednesday I should have a new power adaptor, so the updates will ocne again start being regular.

I have some great updates, starting with a few larger comic-style pieces and the announcement of a new comicbook im doing for fun. should be a hoot (im gonna have to make room for a new button on which btw is getting a lot of good reviews from most people that I show it to.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


go now,

it doesnt all work... I am missing my design photos so I dont have links functional, but it is damned close- and 90% is there.

jesus its beena long time, I am already excited to add to it. and im sorry if you have as bad a conneciton as I, it will take a bit

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

back from the dead

well here are the pieces I have done in Italy over the brief period I haven't been washing dishes in the kitchen. The job sucks, but I am finding time to get stuff done, nonetheless.


and as usual, I am taking longer than anticipated with v.3

but for now here are a couple new things. mostly testing new media.