Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My painting has been slowing down, so I decided to do a self portrait. It is the first self portrait i can remember, and everyone else is doing it- so why shouldn't I. But more seriously, my thought behind this painting was that I had observed a style by an amazing painter and wanted to give my hand at it. That is often where a lot of things start, but upon embarking on the work, it will take on a life of its own. Things arent working, or do work- and I decide to go a new route.

the artist who started this is...

hes a bastard- because he is so damned good.

the other painting is the start of a sort of improv painting. Im sick of building and sjetching the paintings before i start in, so I decided to just do a quick easy painting without any preconceptions.

the third is the aliens comic inked. how different are these three posts?!

*update... got a 4th image done. its the three aliens jumping around.. fun stuff.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A revisit of the alien comic piece.

After the journal was made I started sketchwork on a comic. A random 3 panel 1-pager based off of the movie Aliens (badass old-school cameron). So here is the process. See a few posts ago i mention my aversion to lean towards super-controllism in my drawing. This last one is no exception- but there exists a fine line between finished-quality and overwork/over tedium. I am reading comic book forums and after observing some other peoples works I can understand that a certain degree of tedium is a good thing.

Here is how the pros make a comic, and the same process I am trying to mimic. I will use my new Aliens piece to demonstrate.

You have a penciller whom draws the initial art.

You then start to wonder about where the lighting comes from and what the inker needs to know- so you add the shadow.

You then have an inker then inks it.

and finally you have a colorer who colors it... this is next for me.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A little side-project

My sister-in-law jamie gave me a journal for a gift last christmas. I was looking at it closely and it actually didnt look too hard to make. So I went to my local Joyful Honda (Target on steroids in Japanese) and grabbed some leather, scissors and other supplies and got to work. This is the product. Not bad- it has a sort of Middle-earth feel about it. I plan on making several of these things- they are really sweet. There are lots of other options at the Joyful too that I could add- like buckles or corner pieces- best of all I dont have to buy sketchbooks anymore.

If anyone is interested in any of these lemme know- I can make em for about 40-80 bucks depending on the leather quality. And another thing- is that I can change the paper size and type to benefit what you plan on doing- be it drawing, writing or even as a stationary or planner.

It'd be cool to get good at making somehitng like this. There is a certain apeal to working with leather. I feel like Benjamin Franklin or something. Anyways, I am working on a re-work of the aliens image below. Hopefully I can finish it and post it tonight. Werd Suckas.

to buy a journal email me at:

to see my aliens and the feedback go to:

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wedding was fun- back to work.

Hey everyone. I went back to America to Tennesee (tenessee, tennessee?) and we had a wedding for my brother Jordan and his new beautiful wife Jamie. It was a ton of fun, and It was just a great time to get to see America again, and the south for the first time. Good times.

I havent been up to much since the last Tank drawing. Basically I studied the figure for 2 weeks. The results are this venom and then I did this Alien for 90 minutes tonight.

I need to keep busy with the bigger works of ink and someowhat militaristic themes. I will put these in a show somewhere.

So now I have a couple paintings going- random stuff.

I am actively posting on some comic-book style work. check it out. im on the forums there as

and finally I am doing thse giant ink pieces. I need to keep the energy up on these. The tank was a little too left-brain, but a good experience nonetheless. I have noticed that my brain tends to lean towards constrictive controlled works. My best pieces are the ones that I explode into and slow it down before it gets tedious. Thats the trick.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


This is a tank illustration to be #5 of these oversized ink- drawings. Lotsa fun to see the finsihed pieces- ut they do take a long time.

Drawing has not been going well. It seems there are cycles of creativity. I am presently in quite a lull. I hope that this will change once nice weather arrives here in Japan- anytime this year would be nice!

damnit jesus. I blame you.

anyways, besides that I will try and show off some new work this week- and also try to geta good load done before my brother Jordan's wedding will take me away for a little break.

Thanks everyone whos checking this all out- hope you enjoy it.