Friday, July 25, 2008


Hoping to get some cool stuff done this weekend- KERSNOOF. im gonna get this body of work all in a show fairly soon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Heeba Kaneeba

So here is another sort of in that cartoony comic style- but a realistic rendering. not sure if thatsa genre. but you be the judge. it was a quick turnaround cause I can kinda crank out this style nowadays.


Monday, July 14, 2008


One thing is for sure- this is a learning process. here is the process in a jist:

1: buy 150$ worth of supplies.
2: make a 2d design (has to be mono-tone.
3. scan the drawing and reverse it. (i forgot to reverse).
4. print the drawing onto transparencies.
5. take that transparency, and place it on top of a photo-emulsion drenched, dried silkscreen.
6. expose the screen-thereby leaving the blackened areas still kinda gooey, and the light-exposed crusty dry.
7. waterblast out the gooey stuff.
8. put a piece of paper down, put the silscreen on top. dump some ink in.
9. use a squeegee to drag ink across the screen- thereby leaving ink where the holes are.
10. examine your image and find out your mesh is wrong, the image is bad and the ink is too viscous.
11. repeat after you get frustrated, then cool down and buy another 20$ screen and try new settings.

Monday, July 07, 2008

holy shit

this looks dope when I finished it. man. What was weird about this one is that it sort of had a happy effect when I took off the tape and looked at it more as an entire piece. The cool part is that it sort of stands on its own-without the widescreen... which gets me wondering if I might have to do a bunch more of these in a similar style- with a different implied edge.

either way I really love the thing.

thats a good feeling.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


you can see my process here (I always seem to forget to take a picture before I start the ink... but you can see the blue lines I use.). I wanted to make a compostion using a lot of white space and assymetry with some bold black hues- and later I think I am going to add some neat mid-tones and then some light wash/gradients ot create a cool edgy piece. I like the form and connotation of gas masks-simple as that.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

concept work

so I am developing a couple animals for this comic. it is kind of interesting going about these. the initial sketches usually begins from some inspiration from sometimes the most random of places. Be it an interesting shape, a stain on my clothes or a cloud in the sky. Theres no regular route to find inspiration.

So then from their you sort of devellop it with an archetype in mind and see how it comes out.


Hey everybody I made a movie of how I paint. Hopefully these will get better with time. but for now here is PT 1. I know its HUGE and taking up the control panel- but this is all to ensure the quality stays.

*** the movie being embedded was annoying. so here is the link :-)

check it out.