Monday, November 26, 2007


so this is the latest of my large-format comics that are trying to question fine-arts and also the role of comics and general media in society. They use a lot of different methods to garner our attention and money- and some of these are subversive to our well-being. I thin violence, and the triviality of it is part of it. And such is the theme of this one- how comics (and media at large) trivializes violence.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Dream of Making a Video Game

Wouldn't it be great to design a videogame? Well Jordan and I always are tossing around the idea. It more involves finding time, and getting a good programmer- and keeping at it. We have been playing video-games forever, and board-games as well. Obviously 3d games, with rediculous graphics is completely unfeasible- but that doesn't mean the game is not fun. X-COM is still one of the best games ever, as is Tie Fighter or Super Mario World. Games age well indeed, and the reasoning behind most of the graphics on systems of old-wasn't that the technology didn't exist-so much as large development teams didn't exist yet. During those years a group of four or five guys could make a smash hit )look at Myst, or X-Com or Civilization or any number of titles.

here is a little concept design for a game we are thinking about. it was a fun way to spend a Saturday. Now, sadly, I have to go wash dishes for 4 hours. UGH. the life of broke artist.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Using My Art Degree Part 2

here I add a general wash to setup the different colors and hues I am going to eventually use. I like to use a layering of color, so I get some neat shades- different from just the 8 base-colors that I start with.

Wala. I try and use translucent (versus opaque) washes to bring out the main colors- I had to differentiate the metal panels from the sky, so I threw on a green. I am not sure about the 'out of frame' effect on this one- but whatever... you win and lose.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Utilizing that art degree part 1

Well I think that a significant key to being productive in art involves having many different projects so you don't get burnt out with any specific one. They even have to be very diverse. (although oddly, at this moment I am dealing with the inking of all 3 of these projects- a testament to the slow process that inking can be... nonetheless a very graphically rewarding process)

So you're sitting around and want to make another cool watercolor drawing. Well the theme is already set- perhaps futuristic or alternative-contemporary human inventions... I have made a tank, a rocket and a submarine... now imagine a futuristic highway.

Why a highway? Well originally I had envisioned putting humans in an insignificant scale in relation to a big shiny train- but a highway if quite similar, if not larger in scale. So this creates a visually fun. interesting an often awe-inspiring visual effect. I like how concept art posits small interdicting humans in a massive environment. Because that is essentially what we are everyday- but i digress. Take this idea and apply it to several thumbnail sketches and pick one that grabs your attention- for whatever reason- and run with it. There are no right answers- this is explorative sketching- the uglier the better (because you are supposed to be challenging yourself, not impressing philistines!)

So here I sketch several thumbnails... and refine one of them. Perspective is a big elements- as is composition. this is with a hand-sharpened pencil and I do about 6 sketches or so in 30 minutes.

Once I have a general idea of the layout I choose what size the piece will be- the robot one went so well I've chosen a similar size). I then sketch the biggest shapes first, while keeping in mind foreground and background, I am also thinking of how big the humans will be in relation and also making sure the complexity is only added once I have everything in perspective. I Also choose my vanishing point,which is just below the lower right corner. All major shapes are based on this vanishing point.

I refine the blue drawing even further...

Finally one I am satisfied I start to ink directly over the blue drawing. At this point I have to be sure to understand fully what will be in the foreground and what will be behind these objects- I tend to draw in that order... up close first, then things behind after. I also like to take risks by being as lose as I can when possible... but this one is pretty tight.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


well ya work and work and work at this stuff. I make almost no money on any of it- but hopefully someday, with enough care and patience, it will blossom to be something big. Anyways- that is the underlying hope in all this as I continue making various works. The watercolors got great reviews on the couple of blogs I posted them on... so I might have to give them a bit more thought... maybe even get a bigger brush and do some huge ones- but for now this will do. GO ROBOTS

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Grad School?! YOU BASTARDS!

well- in the eternal pursuit (it feels like) of trying to make 'fine art' I am continuing with the larger-format comic style drawings- to summarize my problems with graduate school:

Are comics considered 'fine art'?
What is the difference between fine art and illustration?
At what point do comics become fine art?
What processes and imagery ca I make to portray this fine art to impress admissions boards?

here is the newest one- the process it is taking. In addition the whole idea behind this- is it is one of a series that glorifies or at least portrays a theme that media companies use to grab our emotions and get us to enjoy their media. This one is violence. but perhaps they don't need to be that limiting- and I should just throw in generic imagery, but then I run a risk of the art being mis-read... so for now ill try and limit the scope to generalities and obvious messages.

I work like 12 hours today-that is dishwashing and bartending- NOT drawing- so hopefully I'll be able to work some more on this- and perhaps show you all the blue-pencil work for my next water-color style piece (see a couple posts below).

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

the other work

yet another 2 projects i was/am working on are a comic book for myself and a map for Dingo Brew Tours in Fort Collins. I thought I'd throw them up here because they are fun to show off.

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Process

Well these little things are taking up way too much of my time, so this is going to be the last one for a little while. (plus I kinda wanna do a really big one now...) anyways, I love when artists show their process so here is mine in the creation of this little painting.

First I sketch out a rough- the big things here are shape, scale, and perspective- details are not important.

I reference the sketch and then draw, free-hand, with a blue pencil. This is again starting in shape and perspective and only at the very end am I even thinking about details somewhat.

At this step I ink directly over the blue, I start with a very light inking, more guidelines, and then I draw in everything- piece by piece.

At this stage I throw in the lightest colors, and start the tonal work. I use very light washes. This shows my cautious side that I should stop- if I wanna start finishing these more quickly.

and after 1 hour of drawing, 1 hour of inking and 3 hours of painting- WALA the schmoob is completed. I'd charge about $70 for this drawing with frame... any takers?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

New project/style/coolness

London and Ireland and Rome were a blast. It was good to take a vacation from everything- work and art. So I am back in the seat now, and eyeing graduate school- uh oh, better get busy.

Well long ago Jordan and I had an idea for a videogame, and who knows, someday we may still do it. But it is similar in idea to these two watercolors I did, and will probably continue to do in my free-time. They are purely based in fun. I believe they are also very marketable. And thirdly they don't take long to do- prolly about 3 hours or so apiece. So I am busy with other things- albeit more serious things- but these will do. This is what art is really about for me, doing something I look at and think- damn that is cool.