Monday, November 24, 2008

PAGE 2 INK snitces.

working on the animation about 3 hours a day- that hing takes some SERIOUS time.

but besides that (and life) I am also working as best I can on the comic. I hope to have 3 pages done by end of month... we'll see... then it is off to NYC and then two weeks back here- then x-mas break so hopefully I can get to page 10 or so by January. Thatd be really really cool.

Another idea of mine is to eventually have this thing printed nicely and sell em for cheap (like at cost) just to get em out there. Im a damned graphic designer- so I could definitely get this done.

well with further adieu...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

so for this background I wanted a nice and calm establishing shot for the cartoon. So I decided that showing a nice landscape fora while (there will be blowing grass added) so I can slowly fade into the scene, I might even add stars... So then the train would come chugging through and I could then cut to the internal of it. Kind of a neat painting in that i got to do a huge sky. I love doing clouds, although obviously the cumulo-nimbus clouds are my favorite. I looked at a sunset image from google image for colors.

The ground was a bit too warm near then end so I used adobe photoshop and added blue- decided I liked it- and then did it with the watercolor. This sort of digital-manipulation is a great tool to use before you do something drastic

Monday, November 10, 2008

the real deal

so here is page 1 of what hopefully will be a full-sized comic. who knows- but for now it feels good to have one page down. MWAHAHA ITS ALIIIIIIVE! (the text is just for filler)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The real Page 1.

Yes folks almost done with page 1 of Dan Doggett and I's comic. At this point I am trying to figure out how many pages we want the final product to be- at this pace, it cant be too many pages- it just takes so darn long per page. Each one form start to finish is prolly 6- hours. yeesh.

work also continues fully on the cartoon- I will hopefully have scene 2 up here- but really I added a scene 1,2 and 4 so the ones oyuve seen are 3 and 5

i don't know how long the final thing will be but im gonna try and update a scene 1-6 preview asap. I lost After Effects so that isnt helping anyhitng- but I should have a new computer when i get an extra 80 bucks- yeesh.