Monday, February 22, 2010

This is what my screen looks like at the moment. I am wrapping up this scene, and a few transitions and seriously- this will be done. I am 80% with the sounds and the final one is surprisingly cool. the violent scenes r the best though (that was expected).

in other news- I am also finishing up the backgrounds for noah- all 7 at the same time. I should have shots of these up asap-

they are coming along nicely.

one thing i can reccommend for all artists: BUY COOL ART BOOKS. they will always inspire you and let you examine other artists styles (just accept that they are better than you, so you can always learn something).

always worthwhile, and sure as hell beats spending $$$ a month on a fancy car.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

here are some BGs i am wokring on for a cartoon of mine...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Art Show Coming up in April

I will be putting Two Pieces in a show in Fort Collins. A couple Ideas I had were to re-make a screenshot form some of my childhood videogames ie:castlevania and redraw a scene in my style.

Another idea was to sort of make my own fighting gmae universe and do the character shots of the two players fighting and then draw a stage of them fighting. Could be cool kind of like two pics with a VS in between and then the fight itself below.

this is all going to be done, I think, using Copic Markers. These are some badass markers, and non-badassly expensive (about $320 for 72 of them). But alas they are the best in the biz so ill cave on the purchase.

WERD. More to come.