Monday, March 31, 2008

schneebin it

Well I am about done moving to my new place- and I did some freelance design work over the weekend (pay da biiiillz). I like the new setup- it has much more room than previously (although nothing is gonna top my personal studio in Italy...then again this room has heating).

Work continues on the large-scale watercolors. I really wish I could get 5 of these done a month, but I always am so darn busy with everything I don't have enough time for it all... but alas such si the nature and I am tyring to persevere. Really though, there is little excuse and I will be updating/working much more often now that i am a bit more settled- AND FINALLY over my chest colds... yeesh.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I have a chestcold... AGAIN

This is a cieling-tile that I did for a local coffee-shop that i frequent. The entire cieling is covered in these- some good- some bad... but I thought itd'd be a real shame ot not leave my mark on one of my favorite coffee shops. The Alleycat. So i put together an ink drawing of a coffee machine. Very comic-y and from a good perspective. I sketched it (using a lot of ruler lines for perspective) with blue mechanical pencil lead .9mm and then burshed pure ink with a #2 brush by Raphael.

This piece is probably the starting piece of a series on world war 1. I did a lot of sketches in my skecthbook- and kind of grabbed the best poses from all of them. The bottom line is the 'ground' of the vanishing point- so it is basically on the ground looking up. but from a distance (so you dont see up into their noses) I hope to hae this finished this weekend. This piece- I have tried0 to work on it whenever I have time and am forcefully trying to avoid the inner-discussion of 'when is a good time to paint' because your work can become sacred if you're not careful and thats bad- cause it slows you down and isn't reproducable. You should work at 10% and not worry if this isnt your best moment to be working- just work damnit. 3 bad ones is better than 1 good one in my opinion- because in the long-run 100 bads is gonna make you better than 5 goods. it will.

Here is my art in one of the frames I built... I will put a how-to up one fo these days.

sorry for the bad pic. I dont know where this one is going and if it is going ot be finished or not... ugh im struggling with it, and it is HUGE

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hey Justin- WHERED YOU GO?!

I didn't go anywhere- instead I am busy as I can be (with a 9-5 job... LAME) but besides that my camera is broken0 and what is an art blog if I can't show you my work. Another reason/excuse is that I haven't been producing art... WHAT? you say... Well I have been doing art-related things... including (but not limited to) building frames. My work in frames looks awesome- I am serious. Like I didn't know how much a frame can add to artwork- but seriously it does- like in a crazy way. I will post a how-to sometime.

SO here is how things are gonna go:

1. I will get my camera back from jordy Oleson (or I will break his knuckles)
2. I will post pictures of my art in-frame
3. I will post pictures of skecthes I was doing for a now-probably-canned comimc idea about an assasin.
4. I will post sketches of some sick WW1 art that I am doing comic-style, with lots of guns and death and coolness.
5. I will post the in=progress HUGE watercolor rocket-building rpcoess (see blue sketches below)
6. I will post pictures of the latest watercolor- it deviated form the tried and true... btu ya gotta experiment (that includes drugs!)
7. I will post pictures of the over-sized WW1 piece I am going to start once I finish typing this email.... well I gotta poo.... then I will start.
8. All will be well with the cosmos.

THANKS FOR READING EVERYONE- It is awesome that you follow little ole' me