Friday, June 19, 2009

So i finished work on page 6 of the comic as you can see above. PHEW. it was a long one. One important thing artists struggle with is having the courage to make art. he reason I use the word ;courage' is because there is an internal struggle with confidence and fear. What if this one looks horrible? What if it is stupid? What if I am a sham? I should do it when I am more energetic...or less tired... or in a better mindset.

then you finally sit down and it all comes natural. You make some bad ones- but your mind takes over as soon as you put pen to paper and the rest is just amazing.

My brother and I finished work on the commcercial I mentioned, we are making final edits and I will have a version of it up really soon.

Stay Tuned For:

A new blog CSS?!!!
A short preview of my perosnal cartoon
A full-length cartoon commercial.
a new Cartoon Background.

Monday, June 01, 2009

lotta work going into each one of these panels, i takes abotu an hour and half apiece. It seems like a lot of work, but the final product I am always happy with, and SUPER glad that I stuck it out. This page has bee monstrous, but for more reason that i have two other projects going on and one of which I am actually getting paid for (so it has priority.


Stay tuned for:

This Finished Page
A Preview Of my non-paid cartoon...
A Final Version of my paid cartooon...