Thursday, January 18, 2007

The first 6

So here are the first 5 paintings of my alley series. I think you have seen all of them. I am going to try to get another 4 or 5 done and really push it at some cafes I know around here.

Well Barack Obama is running. I just finished two books on Atheism. They were spectacular. one is a must-read. "Letter to a Christian Nation" by Sam Harris. Get it on iTunes right now.

seriously do.


its only like 10$

So with these two amazing developments, I have really changed my belief in two things. God, and the American Political scene. This should be a fantastic 08' race, and either way we are getting rid of, what will probably go down as one of the worst administrations in US history. It is tied to the religious right as well (further adds some bitterness for me)

The art is churning along but there is still not enough time in the day. I have decided to forego another year here in Japan and will inevitably be in the Denver art scene this August. I will try and update my Justin Coombs art with a new link for any upcoming shows.

Thanks for reading if you are! It is the visitors on this and ym website that gives me motivation to do this work!


Monday, January 15, 2007

The Molester, The Cowboy and the Alley

I am not sure why my art is so damned homoerotic... but with a title like that- how can you go wrong?!

This painting on a scale of 1-10 of frustration is a 2. just kidding it was a damn 9 (I hate how cliche that saying is).

A big challenge, but it worked out and it looks pretty decent. My problem was I was missing a good yellow and could NOT get that damn color of the telephone poles right. it was brutal.

well no banter today, im tired.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A few Heeb but no Kabeebs

There seems to be a draw towards science fiction that captures my attention. I think that part of it has to do with the access to related artowrk in the same field. The material has always caught my eye. It isnt real, or cerebral, it is simply fun.

I don't think all of my art needs to be ofa fun nature, but it repeatedly grabs my energy. Is this a bad thing? That the simpler, for sophmoric topic is my primary interest? Should all post-college artists have there eye set on creating the next controversial show, or thought-provoking painting. My work doesnt provoke much thought besides the occassional "Badass" or "You're stuff is so good Justin".

Is there a value in somehitng of more substance? Perhaps a financial value, or maybe admissions credibility for graduate school. It scratches the surface of a hovering question in my head of 'what do graduate schools want'?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

there are soem good artists out there

There are artists out there WAY better than me. That is just the nature of it I suppose.

You can either get down on yourself, or you can try and be as good or better than them.

I hate the art world like that, but hopefully there is enough to go around for all of us. Although I have yet to find a way to make a living at this game unless you sell out as an illustrator. Which is not half bad, considering how good some of the illustrators I have seen are.

I am trying to make better work. And by better I mean more real, more honest work. I am starting to enjoy the process more now. The marker on paper, the oil stinking my room. Getting my brush covered in apitn, so the grip is sticky (it works better this way). All of the little intricacies are starting to shine again and I am working forward again.

Not to say that the work is the best I've done. It isn't, but it is new. And that is worth something.

Can't decide if I want to stay another year in Japan or not.


Monday, January 08, 2007

hmmm started drawing again

well, vacation was fun but back to work. I did a drawing late tonight after heckling myself all day to create some damn work. Sometimes getting back on the horse is difficult. We all like to say 'Just do it' but it is never that easy. I personally use errands to occupy myelf. To perpetually avoid getting down to the table. It is a stuggle as are all things worthwhile.

the dude reaching is the product of my struggle. I like him a lot.

the other is a preliminary work for a series I am going to put in a cafe here. I like the guy ina gas mask carying a gun seen in previous posts. But what is the purpose? Is he a decoraiton because I love gun and armor and drawing. I thing my series will need content and that is somehitng always challenging to identify. That is what I will be up to over the next week. Trying to figure out why I am drawing guys with guns for a cafe series.

They need color, but the guy here is a mix of mid tone color, versus arbitrariness. I like the result, but that could also just be the drawing and not the color... I will do some more prelim work and get to work on the series so I can get some headway towards having ym first Japan show.

work continues on the Alley series of paintings. I will probably have a good 10 by the time I get sick of it. At that point I have a cafe here in Satte. Very low key and lame, but I know the owner and I think it wont be a problem given the non-confrontational nature of the work.

Cowboys and aliens is nebulous. It is getting harder to keep it moving. I like the point it is at, because I can start killing and fighting and blowing stuff up... I will have to put out a page before Friday.

well those are the happenings.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back to Japan

Well i am now on my way back from America to Japan. I will be there in 28 hours. jesus traveling can drain you so much.

It will be nice to get back into my art. I am seriously having feelings towards making something very new and different. We'll see.

be back in 2 days for real.