Monday, July 19, 2010

Starting up again

So, this is a thing we all share. We know we SHOULD do something- but we put it off. WELL i am over that now so I will post ot my blog again.

Since April: Quit my old job, moved to NYC. Living with my gf. Got a new job and am now taking an animaiton course and working on 4 or 5 animaiton @ the same time lol.

so here they are:


My Comic (not a cartoon)

Untitled Space cartoon


A video game cartoon series.

PHEW! Well right now the space one has my attention as it is 'due' on August 10th (although really I am just using the class to learn. ANYWHOO

ill post using my mac form now on cause uploading a screengrab via PC is super-ridiculous.


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